Refunds & Problems
All our orders are hand-picked with care, and leave our nursery in the very best condition possible. We select the best and healthiest plants we have available to deliver.
We pre-treat (where needed) and specially hydrate all plants before delivering.

Even so, problems occasionally happen. We understand that. Here's how to sort it out.
Help us help you, by following these six steps:

  • It's up to you to decide if the plant is right for your climate and location, indoors or outdoors
  • Check your order as soon as it arrives.
  • Contact us direct on 0424 258 639 or email us at as soon as possible; within 24 hours of receipt where possible. We cannot accept responsibility for issues or delivery problems after that.
  • Let us know your full name and email address - the ones you used to place the order - so we can track your order faster.
  • Email us photographs of the plants to so we can see the problem you have, and take steps to identify and rectify it.
  • We do not process order problems via our social media accounts.

What is the problem?

Your plants are dead, dying, or poor condition on delivery

We will issue a credit for the value of your plants, or deliver to you replacement plants, wawivering the delivery fee, if we have them available. Follow the steps above.

'Poor condition' means unlikely to live and thrive as a result of delivery issues. It does NOT mean one or two yellowing or damaged leaves on an otherwise healthy viable plant. Plants regularly shed lower leaves throughout their life and it does not affect their growing potential. Marks, tears, scratches, insect bite marks are not causes for concern, for example. 

The plants delivered are not the variety or product on your order
We will issue a credit for the value of your plants, or deliver to you replacement plants, waivering the delivery fee, if we have them available. Follow the steps above.

Please note: plants are living things, variable in nature. We do not produce them in a factory. Sizes and photos are a guide only. We always send out the very best plants we have in stock. We do not refund just because the plants are a different size to the photos online, similar to what  you have ordered previously, or your expectations.

The plant is unsuitable for your climate
We aim to give as much care information as possible to you upon delivery, including how much water, sun, and lace bug info for olive trees. 

You have ordered the wrong plant, or changed your mind since purchase
We do not accept returns or issue refunds for plants bought in error, because we cannot resell them.

You have ordered a gift that you now do not want : (not including gift cards.)
You can return them to us at your own cost within 48 hours of receipt for a refund of the product cost, if the product arrives in the same condition it was shipped to you. We do not refund shipping costs.



The Olive Lace Bug Froggattia olivinia is a damaging pest of olive trees. The severe leaf damage the bugs inflict can cause loss of vigour, yellowing of leaves, leaf fall and reduce fruit yield for the next 1 or 2 years.

Apply natural insecticide treatments soon after lace bug activity is first noticed. Lace bug populations can build up rapidly if left unchecked. At least two sprays are necessary 10-14 days apart to control each infestation. Keep in mind that chemical treatments do not kill the eggs.

We use a flying insect spray on our olive trees and can ensure no olive tree will be delivered with lace bug already existing on it. We are not responsible for any lace bug activity from 7 days after we deliver to you. We strongly recomend you use an insecticide in the first few days of receiving the tree, and then every 10-14 days after that.